Housing Finance Systems: Market Failures and Government Failures

Title Housing Finance Systems: Market Failures and Government Failures
Author Name Sock-Yong Phang
Link http://www.palgrave.com/products/title.aspx?pid=580215

The term 'housing crisis' has, in recent times, been associated with rising foreclosure rates and tottering financial institutions, particularly in the US and Europe. However, in many rapidly urbanizing emerging countries, the housing crisis is about urban poverty, unplanned settlements, overcrowded slums and homelessness. Both these faces of the housing crisis require solutions for housing finance mechanisms and systems that lie at the root of each. A well functioning housing finance system can play an important role in helping to fulfil multiple objectives - promoting social and political stability, enhancing housing market performance, as well as contributing to financial sector stability and development. However, the complex systems within which it is embedded are also vulnerable to risks from multiple sources of market, political, and regulatory failures. This book draws on a wealth of examples from around the world to provide a road map for building more resilient housing finance systems.

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